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Special Birthday

on May 29, 2013

Hello everyone! I’m back, working hard to keep my promise that I made last week about blogging more often. I really did set an alarm in my phone for every Wednesday and Friday, but I’m thinking of changing it around to Monday and Friday, or maybe adding another day so my only two days right now aren’t too close together. It just seems odd the way the schedule is now. So I’m just letting ya’ll know that there could be some change before it’s totally set in stone. We shall see.

Today, however, is a very special Wednesday. My boyfriend of three years turns 28 today. He probably will not read this, but a few members of his family might. But, just in case he DOES read this, happy birthday! I hope to go out today and buy him a birthday present, and in a few days I would like to go out to a nice dinner. You know… after payday. Which is just a couple days away! Yay! Love payday!

Tomorrow is Thursday, and I guess tomorrow night my nieces will be over hanging out. My oldest niece and I have been watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix, trying to catch up on the seasons before this fall when the new one starts. My best friend and my sister have been watching the series forever, and they’ve been telling me to watch it since it started. I’ve finally gotten around to it, and now I’m on season three. My niece asked me to wait for her, because apparently the first episode has something very icky in it, and she wants to warn me before it happens. I’m squeamish, and I hate gore, so she’s looking out. So tomorrow night’s plan involves vampires, love, and hopefully some news on Klaus! Vampire Diaries fans will know what I’m talking about.

In other news, I have started editing the first eight chapters of the new book. My two best friends are helping me through it, and slowly other parts of the story are starting to piece together. I know how I want the book to end, but getting there is always a little tricky. I guess I did a fairly good job on the first one, because I’ve received six good reviews on Amazon and three on Goodreads. I’ve read the reviews about a million times each, and I check every day with hopes of having more. Still, I feel lucky. A lot of authors spend years trying to get reviews, and I’ve managed to get six in less than a year.

My boyfriend told me that I should work on writing screenplays for movies or television shows. He has some Hollywood connections, and he says he could help me along. Not really sure about television shows, but I was thinking of transforming the first Edson book into a screenplay. Just as an exercise, of course. No movie offers yet. But it would be fun, and maybe someday I WILL get some movie offers, and I could show then my rough idea of how it COULD look. I’m also very unsure how to go about doing this, seeing as I’ve never written a script before. But I could give it a try. Might be fun.

I’m trying to think of something else to write, but I’m coming up with nothing. It looks like this post is boring, and I try not to do boring. I guess when something more exciting comes up I’ll share it on here. Until then, I think I’m going to play Minecraft and think up new ideas for book 2, which, as I said earlier, is coming along. I’m over 20,000 words in the book, and I’m going to try to break 30,000 by the end of the week. Think I can’t do it? Well then… challenge ACCEPTED! I’ll see you guys on Friday! Have a great day!


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