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Great Music Makes Me Want To Write!

on October 20, 2012

I know I just posted yesterday, but I’m back again to talk about this song that I am completely addicted to. A few weeks I bought the new P!NK album. Of course the only song I cared about was her famous “Blow Me One Last Kiss”. I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks that I haven’t had much time to listen to the whole CD. But over the last few days I’ve been listening to it on my way to classes, and there is one song on there that I’m completely hooked on. It’s so beautiful, and it’s the only song I’ve listened to know for two days.

The song is called “Just Give Me a Reason”, and it’s just so pretty. It’s actually inspired me to get working on book two of The Edson Trilogy. I started it about a month ago, but with everything that’s been going on I kind of had to stop. Christmas time, when I get a break from school, I’m going to really get cracking. The first chapter has already been written, and I absolutely love it! The second chapter is almost finished. I tried to outline the book, but I just can’t do it. I used to be able to do that, but for some reason this series just does NOT want to be outlined. Like I said last night, the story has been telling itself.

I checked my sells today, and it says I’ve sold one Kindle copy of the book. This might sound silly, but I was so excited about that! I know who bought it, and I’m hoping she enjoys it. I bought my own Kindle copy for my mom to read. She’s already read it, but she wants to read it again. On Monday I’m giving a speech about the book in my speech class, which will give me points AND help me advertise. Two birds with one stone? I think so! And also, I’m going to be doing a reading at the place where I work when I get my printed copies. That will be sometime in early November, which isn’t too far away. Hopefully all goes well!

I’m still thinking of an idea for a YouTube video, but so far I haven’t come up with anything. Maybe doing an online reading of the book, or a book trailer? Last night I asked anyone who had ideas about a YouTube video to please share them. I plan on doing this all in the next week or two. As soon as it’s done I’ll post the video up on here for you all to see. Maybe it’ll get people interested enough to buy the book.

I mentioned a few posts ago that there was a huge emergency in my family that kept me from posting on here for awhile. Things have started calming down a bit now, and I have more time to write. Now that I have more time, I’m hoping to get on here at least three times a week. Blogging is something I’ve always enjoyed. For years I had a blog on another website that I would use as a personal diary. Well, this isn’t really a PERSONAL diary, but it’s still fun to write about my progress with my books. Who knows? Maybe someday hundreds of people will come on here to check for book updates. I hope so.

Okay, I’m going to start working on book two now. I’m excited, and this song is poking me in the head and telling me to get to it. Music is such a wonderful form of inspiration. Especially this song. JUST GIVE ME A REASON, JUST A LITTLE BITS ENOUGH, JUST A SECOND WE’RE NOT BROKEN JUST BENT, AND WE CAN LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN! Love that song! Hehe, goodnight everyone!


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